What is VirtuaGirl2?
VirtuaGirl 2 is a shareware program featuring strippers on your desktop. They say hi in the morning, remind you of your appointments and dance and strip for you whenever you want them to.

What do you mean by ‘on my desktop’?
We mean right on the desktop. Strippers basically live on the tool bar. They are in front of any other application and you can enjoy them while using your computer normally.

Click to get me on your desktop!

Click to get me on your desktop!

Do I have to pay for it?
The demo version is free and unlimited. You only pay if you want to access the tons of different strippers and stripteases we have ready for you.

How do I install it?
Click on any ‘Download now’ button and follow the instructions.
Girls will be on your desktop in seconds.

Can I uninstall it then?
Yes, it features an easy to use, fully automated uninstall program.

I hear downloading files from the Internet can be dangerous
VirtuaGirl is the most downloaded adult software on the internet with over 30 million downloads so far. It is adware free and has been certified virus free by Verisign.

What new features does VirtuaGirl2 offer?
Our new video format features high resolution girls, 60% larger than before. We've added a very powerful zoom that can scale to an additional 200%. You’ll now get crisp edges and enough resolution to see all the details of each stripper. Plus a new interface.
You won’t believe your eyes :-)

What do members get?
Members get dozens of different girls all stripping and caressing themselves on your PC desktop. We also provide video clips and photo sets of each girl and a free membership to an adult megasite is included (www.viproom.com). We keep adding girls all the time, Blondes, Brunettes, Asians, Lesbians, we got them all.
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